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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 16, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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it to us in their own words. one day after the boston bombing -- >> our mission is clear. it to bring those responsible. >> the fbi in the lead and atf bringing in 30 explosive specialists and pledging to help however they can. some questions answered today including the number of bombs. >> it's important to clarify that two and only two explosive devices were found. >> most of them are pallets -- pellets, some nail-like. >> remove the ball bearings and carper nails embedded in the victim's closest to the blast.
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>> we do not yet have a sense of motive. kronos' at this point -- everything else at this point is speculation. >> thousand of submitted cellphone quotas. agents, in boston in surrounding communities, but they stress their in no way limiting their search to massachusetts. >> this is a worldwide investigation. we will go to the hands of the earth to identify the subject or subjects who are responsible for this despicable crime. >> you're looking down boylston street that is still the crime scene. the sign you're looking at is where the explosives attack yesterday. it is blocked off for blocks in each direction. people gathering creating a
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makeshift memorial over here. they're still shocked at what happened here just a little over 24 hours ago. live tonight in boston, tom roussey, abc 7 news >> rowling heartbreak in the aftermath as we learn more about the three people killed. officials have identified two of the victims. martin richard was just eight years old. they were the picture of an american family and they describe the scene as he returned home without his son. slowly in walked very the house. i said, is everything ok? he said no. martin was the little boy that was killed. i was just speechless. >> authorities have identified the second victim as 29-year-old krystle campbell seen here. a massachusetts resident who was
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there to cheer on a friend waiting to snap a photo at the finish line. her friend was seriously injured. >> these bombings have been heard around the world. >> and says his government is ready to assist the united states in their investigation in any way they can. says the only way to root out terrorism is to closely related efforts. >> d.c. police remained on high alert in the wake of yesterday's attacks. the extra security for the emancipation day parade down pennsylvania avenue. extra police on the metro patrolling the platforms and trains. extra security at the airport. armed guards on capitol hill, outside federal buildings, and pennsylvania avenue in front of white house is still closed.
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it will be launching fireworks tonight at freedom plaza as part of the emancipation day festivities. i want to remind these are planned explosions to there's no need for alarm. >> of some of these are bound version got to have some of them taken part in the marathon. they told the boston tv station they became concerned about two .en on board they escorted the man off the plane. tonight, a firsthand account with easing a terror attack in person -- witnessing a terror attack. kris van cleave has their account. as the came back today,
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the whole family. something about being home that just felt safe. there was absolutely nothing save about their experience yesterday. >> just talking about it, i'm just getting a little upset. adult, we are going to die. i don't want to die today. >> sitting in the stands waiting for his wife cindy and daughter katie to finish the race. >> there were people standing just seconds ago, and then there was nobody.
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they were gone. >> they took this picture seconds after the first explosion. you can see the injured on the ground and in the corner, two people lucky to be alive, holding their ears. and katie, and that is when it happened again. what happened? where are they? >> we were trying to get somewhere and they were not letting certain people in the area. >> tonight, they're back together after dodging death by just feet. their thoughts our prayers are with those injured, those who lost loved ones in the two bombings. however, they say next year it
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comes around, they will be going back. cindy has already qualified to run in 2014. >> you can find the latest on website, and on our >> a somber day in the district for another reason today. a look at the sixth anniversary of the virginia tech shootings. for immigration reform. unveiling the plan. >> i'm doug hill in the belfort and furniture weather center. a warmer temperatures coming this way
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6 come on your side. for theonal service victims of the virginia tech shootings six years ago today when a man killed 32 people on campus before killing himself. the red the victims out loud and had 32 seconds of silence. the best way to honor the
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victims is to pass gun control legislation. >> a day does not go by that i do not think about mary and the other hokies who are not here. >> new on the hill tonight, the gang of eight is unveiling the bipartisan proposal for immigration reform. >> it focuses on a path to citizenship based on skills and employment opportunities. have these programs for both low and high-skill workers. want to put an emphasis on border security and included a half to citizenship for the nearly 11 million people in the country illegally.
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>> paying close attention to what about happen in the senate. faith, hopingg on this will bring people out of the shadows so that they can work, get driver's licenses, and travel. >> and allows people access to the legal immigration system. >> senator marga rubio came out in full support -- marco rubio .me out supportyining and does not grant amnesty. conservatives remain skeptical. it, itsand understand would increase the legal flow of low-skilled, low-wage workers and will adversely impact. this must include protecting the border. >> we do not want to come back
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again 10 or 20 years from now with another 10 million illegals. >> members in the house are putting together their own plan and that is expected to be unveiled in the coming days. in the newsroom, hatzel vela, abc 7 news. >> is moussaoui is about to feel the effect of the sequester. budget cuts have forced them to reduce the number of security guards. as a result, rowling gallery closes now start on may 1st. other exhibits set for next year will most likely be postponed or cancelled. they have to cut their budget by $41 million because of the sequester. >> this is a live look at the weather outside tonight. march temperatures on the way. perhaps rain is coming with it. doug is next. what's enhanced security and verizon center. nats hoping to go deep to get
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the marlins tonight. at the university of maryland, honoring a legend, a luminary. abc 7 news at 6 continues.
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." >> the irs says they will give more time to people only boston to finish their returns. as of this moment, the ira's website does not have the details on the boston extension. >> as we went through the afternoon, more and more sunshine, less cloudiness. looking outside right now in one of the time lapse cameras, this is in great falls. a little bit of a cloudy, but mid to late afternoon the cloud cover is thinning out. we are in good shape here.
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below this morning in the lower 50's and i think we will be in the mid 50's tomorrow morning. the river breeze in quantico, a bay breeze in annapolis. this is what happens. the water temperature is in the upper 4 de's near 50. as the air goes across the water cools down. -- the water temperature is only in the upper 40's. at reagan national airport, both values well above their average. heavy thunderstorms, possibly severe, now breaking up in between cincinnati, northeast of columbus, this entire region under a severe thunderstorm .atch
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73 year. spring and summer in the air in the mid-atlantic, but further north and west behind the cold front, 50 in chicago, 46 in minneapolis. minot, north dakota, 30 and getting bolder. the chance for showers wednesday afternoon to come up thursday afternoon. close to be on thursday. friday, warming up. the set up is there. be theay, there will cold front coming through and maybe even some severe weather. the touch of cloudy in spots, partially sunny, mild, isolated showers, high of 75. and then widespread showers and storms on friday. cleary and breezy, much cooler,
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through the weekend. now the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local trio to dealers. -- toyota dealers. collegetim brant celek park where a group of luminaries have gathered to honor one of the great time coaches here. they will unveil a sculpture of the concourse. i will be the emcee of the event and i just spoke with him moments ago. >> it's like a homecoming. i'm excited about it. and then at maryland stayed for athletic director. stayed anywhere this long. this is sort of like my home. >> you're one of the first guys ever to understand marketing was
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part of coaching. knew how to get recruits. >> it probably heard with my team because i practice them too hard. i knew i was going to win. that is what i liked about coaching. if you lost, you just got a side job. i'm a competitor. i like to beat people. >> announced he was leaving college park for the nba. e has grown aso much, expected to be a lottery pick making him an instant millionaire. >> you start talking about content, and i think he will go a lot higher than that. comethey get to see him sit down, talk with him, alix
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can really shoot it. i think the nba game will suit him better than the college game suited him. capitalsckey fans, the playing toronto lab the verizon center and i'm told there will be enhanced security in light of what happened in boston. you are asked to arrive early and have patience. the caps are trying to avoid a season sweep by toronto. the monthnbeaten in of april and first place in the southeast division. from sixth place to third place, it looks good for the playoffs. this is a pretty good hockey team. >> let's good baseball. the national's planning miami again tonight. 1-1. nats had 16 hits against the marlins last nine going for the
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long ball. they win 10-3. he's so. they will be able to do that again tonight. they're going fishing, and they hope to go deep against the marlins. commentator pat summerall has passed away. he was but cbs sports which seemed like forever. he was the spirit of the nfl. pat summerall dead at the age of 82. >> e. and john madden were a 82. tim -- you're mulch-flipping n,ain, aren't you?
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>> breaking news from capitol hill. we have learned that and on the look has been mailed to chiapas of a mississippi republican senator testing -- to a representative of a mississippi republican senator. thes not clear whether envelope was received at the capitol hill office or at a field office. we will continue to follow this story with updates as they occur. ♪ [ female announcer ] from meeting customer needs...
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